Beast Summoners

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Beast Summoners is an early alpha game where players focus on item collection, trading, and crafting to summon powerful mythical beasts from legend. Currently the staff team consists of me, Lavie (Tabitha) and our programmer Nik. We are expected to have another artist on board soon for digital renderings of beasts. I have huge plans for the game, and if you are interested in joining us on our journey from alpha, to beta, to official site release, please do sign up for an account! Alpha registration spots are limited, and once beta is released they will be closed.

Alpha Spots: 25/50

Current Features

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Beta, Kickstarter, Future

We are getting ever closer to a beta release. Once beta status is achieved, a kickstarter will be created in the hopes of obtaining funding to advance the game quicker. If a kickstarter isn't successful, feature releases will still go as planned, just a bit slower. :)

Below you will find a list of features that are planned for beta.

Interested in helping us out with a monetary contribution? Click the link below to donate via Paypal. 100% of contributions will go to upgrading the site with new features, content, and better servers. No matter how big or small your donation, we thank you tremendously for helping the game advance.

* Early Donors will receive special perks that will be equal in value to future kickstarter backer rewards. Contact Lavie if you have questions.

Funds Raised: $10.00


If you would like to contact me for any reason (bug reports, business inquiries, etc) please send an email to